Tales From the Gritty World

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Farewell Friday Fiction


Unfortunately, life intervenes. It is no longer possible to sustain weekly fiction. Thanks to all who made this possible! — Mike Madden

Bad Dog (New!)

By Phil Rossi

Each week, Friday Fiction presents a short story by a talented emerging writer. This week, it’s Phil Rossi, who provides us with yet another gritty tale, a modern version of traditional noir. Bad Dogs is a wild ride, a brief excursion into a darkly comical underworld from a writer who specializes in the humorously bizarre. […]

Fuck, I’m Drunk!

By Baltimore Rothstein

On the first Friday of each month, Friday Fiction presents a new story from our recurring series, Last Night at the Pinch, where tales are set in a dark writer’s bar in Washington, D.C.  In this installment, Baltimore Rothstein regales us with a quirky, yet poignant look at a bar regular considering a deep question. […]

Furry Children

By A. Elizabeth Herting

The dog and the cat were seldom in agreement, that was just a given. There were very few times over the course of an average year when they would actually work together for the greater good. Like when food was dropped onto the floor or the back door left open just a crack, allowing them […]


By A.S. Gulshan

Waris Kaler plodded down the staircase to Zomzom’s basement hovel. A rat scurried across a small puddle flecked with broken glass, but all Waris caught was a bit of tail and the glint of reflected streetlights. Noise came from behind the door as he knocked. Zomzom greeted him, wearing a beaten trench coat emblazoned with […]