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Contact/Submit to Friday Fiction

Friday Fiction is looking for short fiction.

Word limit 2500 (flash fiction, prevously published and simultaneous acceptable).

Response time: 2 weeks.

Attach story as a Word document (any form) in an email to:



  1. Friday Fiction is accepting, for publication consideration, complete, well edited, short fiction in any genre, although our readers’ tastes run toward the gritty.
  2. Simulaneous submissions accepted
  3. Previously published works are eligible.
  4. By submitting to Friday Fiction, the author grants Friday Fiction non-exclusive permission to publish the work on-line for a period of 12 months (including archive) and in a year-end print anthology.
  5. The author retains all copyrights.
  6. Word count: Maximum: 2500 (flash fiction accepted).
  7. Attach submission as a Word document (any form) and send to: Submissions@mikemaddenauthor.com
  8. Response time 2 weeks.
  9. Pay: Friday Fiction is not able to compensate authors at this time, but all submissions accepted for on-line publication will be eligible for our year-end print anthology.
  10. Please do not send stories via the “Contact” form.




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